Shown in Polymorph Other, Queen’s Hall Art Centre, Hexham (group exhibition), November 2019

BIGTIMEPOTENTIALTABLE/SegedunumPileUp is a sketch for a tabletop role playing game based upon TOTALLER's ready-made artwork located at the site of Segedunum, a Roman fort and museum, in Wallsend.

The TOTALLER artwork Segedunum was reviewed by Transient Machine in September 2018: ‘Totaller (sic) puts itself within new settings and contexts. It strives to retain agency always - shifting, unsettled. Held together by its core - a 6 sided obelisk - that gets new plaques attached as the project expands. Covered in keystones, Segedunum is a montage in time and space and material.’

How did TOTALLER approach the appropriation of this ancient site? Where does the hand of TOTALLER appear? You will find us in the stains, out of order signs, decay and graffiti. In those two teenage boys smoking a spliff on the cycle path called Hadrian’s Way. We want you to look for these punctums - the places where the dialectical image bursts through and cannot be ignored anymore. Where it says - This is what it IS because of what it WAS.

TOTALLER has been influenced by John O’Rourke’s Centurion, a sculpture created for the site in Wallsend, which was, in turn, the apocryphal product of an encounter between the artists in the early 90’s. This table is an object that showcases such multi-dimensional relationships, it is a bricolage museum, a mobile discoteque and a dialectical plinth from where the Angel of History (or Games Master) might lean and survey the Pile Up of our never ending adventure. Commissioned by Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson for Polymorph Other.