Friends of TOTALLER


The Friends of TOTALLER is a group of artists affiliated with or connected to TOTALLER through art and friendship. We currently meet in our Newcastle studio to experiment with a range of creative techniques and processes for opening up and making connections. Our attempts at making with include: guided meditations, group making activities, quaker-style meetings, initiation and de-initiation rituals, choreographed and improvised performance, creative writing workshops, chanting, historical field trips and role play gaming.

6 people making a wall interlinking their hands

Our current members are: Cat Auburn, Sophie Buxton, Grace Denton, Will Hughes, Ciara Lenihan, Tom O'Sullivan, David Reynolds, Daniel Russell, Nicola Singh, Rob Smith, Holly Willats and Shelly the Tortoise.

If you think you might be a Friend of TOTALLER, please get in touch. Our email address is